A statement addressed to the Southern people at home and abroad

To the Great Southern People,

We stand today together in front of several political, economic and security challenges embodied by the accelerating events on the Southern national scene, especially the economic crisis facing the Capital Aden and the southern liberated provinces. This crisis demands a call for a Southern unified national stance. In addition to the developments in respect of the Southern cause and our recent meetings with the United Nations through the special envoy Martin Griffith, we wish to update you with the following:

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) made great efforts to explain to the various regional and international stakeholders the position of the Southern Cause and conveyed the aspirations of the Southern People and the objective of securing a fair resolution which is determined by the Southern People and no one else, and we made progress in that regard. After numerous discussions, we met with the UN Special Envoy Mr. Martin Griffiths for the second time in Jordan during which it was conveyed that he managed to include the Southern Cause amongst the priorities in the peace process as a result of the new realities on the ground. The Office of the Special Envoy talked about the need for Southerners to be a key participant from the start of any upcoming negotiations. However, the Special Envoy was surprised by the stance of President Hadi to reject any presence for the Southern Case to be part in the Geneva negotiations. Also, it was made clear by Hadi that the legitimate government would withdraw from the negotiations if the Southern Case and the STC were to be included, a position shared by the Houthis as a condition to attend the negotiations. Accordingly, we affirm the following:

– We have not been the cause of this war, but it has been imposed upon us, and we have become a primary ally in it and cannot be stopped without us. The Special Envoy has strayed away from the reasonable path of resolution as a result of the pressure from Hadi’s government and the Houthis. Accordingly, Special Envoy Martin Griffith must take full responsibility for any implications in the foreseeable future.

– Any negotiations or talks to which we are not a part of; we are not obliged to adhere to any outcomes or resolutions which are being agreed by other parties who have no weight or existence on the grounds and do not represent the aspirations of our people, we will not implement any agreements on the ground.

– We call on our great Southern People to express their rejection and to boycott any negotiations or talks which suppress your aspirations, deliberately sideline you, disrespect and undermine your history. We call you to take actions in all parts of the South to express yourselves through all peaceful means possible; the time and place to be confirmed by STC local leadership councils

– We confirm that any attempts to bypass the realities in the South or manipulate the aims and sacrifices of the Southern people will be destined to failure.

– We call on all Southern leaders at home and abroad to announce and clarify their stance to the Southern people due to the new developments.

– We confirm to the countries of the Arab alliance that, to the extent that we are committed to supporting them in defeating the Iranian influence in the region, we will not hesitate to defend by all means our national interests, our patient people and our political future from futility of so called legitimate government and threats of Houthis.

Great Southern people

This deliberate and destructive crisis that is sweeping the south is the result of the continued failure of the corrupt government, and it aims at sabotaging Southerners to surrender and give up their legitimate dreams and aspirations, especially when the corruption is practiced in the South only. Accordingly, we would like to stress on the following:

– Our affirmation of the right of the Southern people to peacefully express their rejection and anger, and to affirm our stand, our support and our full participation with the people, and undertake the demands of the people in all peaceful ways and means. We will defend and protect the people, and we will not allow the demonstrators to be harmed or exposed in any way, and we call on our people to preserve and protect their national institutions and assets.

– The Southern Transitional Council stresses the continuation of peaceful popular movements and stresses that all options remain open and call on the great Southern people to be on “alert mode.”

In conclusion, we pay tribute to all our unwavering Southern people who are at the fronts and in the grounds.


Mercy and forgiveness for our righteous martyrs

The full healing of the wounded and freedom to our detained heroes

Glory and eternity to our brave Southern people

May peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you

The Capital, Aden

September 03, 2018



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