[Geneva – 21 February 2020] A delegation of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) concluded yesterday a visit to Geneva ahead of the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council. Mohamed Alsahimi, Deputy Head of the STC UK office, and Sanaa Mubarak, member of the STC General Assembly, met with representatives of the European Union, UN agencies, as well as various human rights and humanitarian NGOs to discuss the latest developments and STC efforts on the ground.

“The urgent situation in the South and across Yemen demands that we intensify our efforts toward a political solution through the UN-led process, building on the Riyadh Agreement. The STC continues to engage constructively on the implementation of the Agreement, and with UN Envoy Martin Griffiths to lay the groundwork for future credibly political talks. In this, our constituency and their grievances and priorities – particularly women and civil society voices – are at the forefront of our vision for the South,” commented Alsahimi.

“Our commitment to the political process, however, does not detract from our responsibility to in parallel work to alleviate the human rights and humanitarian situation for the people in the South,” said Mubarak. “STC committees in Aden have worked diligently to protect and serve those on the ground, and our engagements in Geneva with leaders in the human rights and humanitarian space we hope will further our work on these fronts. Crucially, we renew our commitment to investigating human rights violations and hold those responsible to account, as well as facilitate humanitarian operations and movement of humanitarian personnel in and via the South.”

The STC looks to its regional and international partners to redouble their efforts to support a sustainable end to the South issue and Yemeni crisis. We know that a conflict as dire as Yemen requires immense collective leadership and political will. The STC is confident that, with this, intransigence and other obstacles to peace and security in the region can be overcome. We stand ready to do our part to enable a genuine solution that serves the people and is accepted by them.

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