STC Welcomes High Level Strategic Dialogue on Yemen

[BERLIN – 17 JANUARY] On the eve of the Ministerial meeting in Berlin to discuss the Yemen peace process and stabilisation needs on the ground, the Southern Transitional Council’s EU Representative, Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed commented:

“After nearly four years of a brutal war, we have all seen the dire humanitarian costs of a military approach. The only solution to this devastation is a political one. In this regard I welcome the international focus on ending the Yemen crisis, including at today’s high level strategic dialogue in Berlin. Civilians on the ground across Yemen are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. We therefore welcome pledges made by the international community, including by the host of the conference, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who announced a further aid package of 4.5 million Euros for Yemen.”

“We are grateful for this generous support but humanitarian aid of course only goes to address the symptoms of the conflict. Getting to the root cause of the conflict requires an assertive and comprehensive diplomatic strategy. This must include addressing the issue of South Yemen. My people living across South Yemen are at the forefront of the humanitarian crisis. It is on this basis we urge our international partners to ensure that the political process is broad and inclusive of the Southern cause which for decades has been marginalised. This comprehensive approach is critical to securing a political solution that is accepted by the constituency in the South.”

“Against this backdrop I reiterate the STC’s commitment to a political settlement. We stand ready to work constructively with the UN Envoy and his team to achieve a genuine inclusive political process. This requires movement and compromise by all sides, and an acknowledgement that the people of the South must be given the opportunity to determine their future. This reality needs to be accepted. It is self-evidently in the interests of the international community and of sustainable peace in Yemen.”


Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed

EU Representative

Southern Transitional Council

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