Our Office in the EU

In February 2018, the first office of the STC opened in the European Union with its headquarters in Berlin. This office is a German association registered by the local court of Charlottenburg (Berlin, Germany) with the appellation “Büro der Außenbeziehungen des Übergangsrates Südarabiens in Europa e.V.” (Office of External Relations of the STC in Europe). The office is under the purview of the General Administration for Foreign Affairs of the STC, headed by Dr. Aydarus al-Naqib, who lives in Great Britain.

The Berlin office is responsible for constructive exchange with the political, economic and civil society institutions of the entire territory of the European Union. The office seeks productive dialogue with European ministries, parties, research centers and institutions, civil society organizations, (political) foundations and media, in order to find solutions to the war in Yemen and the southern cause.