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Important Political Statement by the Southern Transitional Council

Today, the South is witnessing a historic moment, made by the victories of our people and putting it on the threshold of a new phase, the culmination of a strenuous struggle full of enormous sacrifices, which have been incurred by our people for two and a half decades since the occupation of the South in 1994. And lastly the events of this month that led to securing the city of Aden and the security and stability of the South, after a crisis that was imposed on the Transitional Council which managed the events with a high degree of wisdom and responsibility, and was keen to save lives, and miss the opportunity on the enemies of the South, and block their bets.

We applaud our great Southern people, all its sectors and constituencies have proven their keenness to encircle and contain this crisis, based on the approach and culture of Southern reconciliation and tolerance, which was the decisive element in ending the crisis and stop its repercussions, and a legendary urgency in the defense of its national gains, with the million people rally for stability and victory of the popular will.

We also applaud those leaders and individuals who have consciously aligned themselves with the will of the people of the South and have declared their accession to the Southern forces, of which they are already an integral part since the battle for victory over the Iranian expansion in 2015.

We do not forget to pay tribute to the Arab Coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia, and thank their unremitting efforts to contain the crisis, and the call on both parties of the conflict to invoke dialogue under their sponsorship, which will be held in Jeddah once the necessary arrangements are completed, and thanks to all countries and regional and international organizations for their efforts to contain this crisis. We expect them to be more responsive to the hopes and aspirations of our people.

Despite the complexities we have faced in the wake of this crisis, which have revealed to the regional and international public opinion that our just cause is the issue of a people, a nation, a state and an identity, an independent political issue with its roots and dimensions since the occupation of the South in 1994, and that any further procrastination in dealing  positively with it in accordance with the will of the people of the South will generate further complications and risks to the security and safety of the region and the world. This is what we sought in the declared and undeclared political positions that expressed the concern of regional and international powers, and international human rights organizations, during the recent events in Aden.

The historical responsibility placed on us as the leadership of the Transitional Council, necessitates that we deal responsibly with reality, consistent with the gravity of the requirements of the current phase and entitlements, by implementing a clear national strategy, based on general guidelines, shown as follows:

-The goal of the people of the South to restore the independent federal state of the South is an irreversible and irrevocable choice.

– All the people of the South are partners in the victory, and partners in taking responsibility for the consolidation of security and stability and institution-building.

– Managing the repercussions of the events of Aden and its consequences in order to enhance the cohesion of the Southern social fabric and restore the city of Aden.

– To take care of the families of martyrs and wounded of both sides of the recent events and all martyrs of the South, and to treat them responsibly and equally.

– Based on the foundations and literature of the Southern Transitional Council as expressed in the historic Aden Declaration and popular mandate, that the South is for all its sons and all its children, on the basis of reconciliation, tolerance and national partnership, we affirm that any Southerner that participated in these events consciously or unconsciously, are our comrades and brothers. We have a responsibility to reassure them and give them security, and it is their responsibility to participate in securing and building the South, except those belonging to terrorist groups.

– Criminalize and punish anyone who exploits his position to practice corruption, nepotism or to serve a self-interest.

– Rejection of the policy of treason and the imposition of charges and the promotion of rumors to settle political disagreements.

– To conduct a serious dialogue, which removes the isolation arising from the mistakes of the past, and provide a solid ground for independence, by reaching a national consensus formula, which guarantees the South an active and strong presence at the upcoming negotiating table.

– To mobilize all available national efforts, capabilities, capacities and competencies; to manage the South in a rational and exemplary manner, and to face the rubble of the contracts of decades of looting, obliteration, corruption and deprivation.

– We direct the local authorities in the capital Aden, and all governorates of the South to assume their service and civil responsibilities, in the normalization of the situation, and meet the needs and requirements of the citizens, especially the services of electricity, water, sanitation, fuel and medicine, and all requirements related to people’s lives, improve their efficiency urgently, and neutralize the services and interests of the people from any political conflict, and affirm the Council’s intolerance towards any messes or corruption.

– Strengthening the partnership between the local authorities in the governorates, directorates and local leaders of the Transitional Council, on planning and security, people’s requirements, and improving health, education, electricity, water and sanitation services, etc.

– We call on all citizens to promote tolerance and harmony among citizens, promote national alignment to protect the South, preserve public and private property, assist the security services, and report any terrorist cells.

– Supporting and encouraging the honest national administrative staff and enabling them to exercise their duties in all public institutions.

– Reviewing the mechanism of importing and selling petroleum products.

– Work to resolve land disputes, end the phenomenon of land grab and chaotic construction, which distorted the aesthetic view of the city of Aden, and narrowed the streets, and start re-planning and the rehabilitation of all neighborhoods of informal construction in Aden and all major cities.

– Harnessing the resources and possibilities available from domestic and external support and private sector donations to achieve the principle of optimal utilization of resources, and to achieve balanced, efficient and sustainable development.

– Directing the security services and military units to assume their national responsibilities in securing and protecting public and private property, maintaining security and stability, constant vigilance, conscious discipline and resolutely dealing with any infractions.

– Activating the role of the police and criminal investigation agencies, providing full support for the reconstruction of security institutions, and providing security services with qualified cadres capable of giving and serving the citizen, and training new recruits.

– End the state of chaos and insecurity, armed manifestations, assassinations, firing shots in the air, and organize the carrying of weapons in Aden and the rest of the cities, with licenses and according to precise criteria.

– Activate the work of courts and prosecutors, to enhance security and speed up the adjudication of cases before the courts.

– Developing legal control systems and addressing the practices of expropriation and confiscation of public and private land and property by individuals.

– Harnessing all available means to eliminate the threat of terrorism and achieve political stability at the local, regional and international levels.

– Transferring all military units to camps outside the city of Aden, except for General Security and Support Forces.

– Work to liberate the remainder of Wadi Hadramout, Beyhan and Mukayras, and any other part of the Southern territories still suffering from terrorism and occupation.

– Fighting corruption and drying up its sources and following the standard of efficiency and integrity to fill the public office at all levels.

– Protection of the private sector and insuring it, except by law and through the judiciary, regardless of identity and affiliation

– Establishment of a national media body to contribute to the development of a media policy and a unified media discourse.

– The establishment of media and audio-visual, readable paper and electronic outlets and provide them with material and technical elements and qualified competencies.

– Adopting an enlightening public speech reflecting the Southern national identity and the desired civil state.

– Reforming the educational system (elementary, university, vocational, technical, and scientific research) and raising it, upgrading its level, correcting the destructive curricula of the religious identity of the South and the identity, and developing the capabilities and skills of the teaching staff.

– Attention to girls’ education, literacy, and the adoption of creative talents and rehabilitation and development.

– Supporting scientific research, establishing rehabilitation and training institutions, and raising social awareness about education.

– To fortify Southern society by rationalizing religious speech, creating awareness that rejects violence, extremism, political anomalies, intellectual and moral anomalies, and positively exploiting the energies of youth in education, construction and development.

– Activating all vital economic establishments (ports, airports, refineries, public and private institutions).

– To achieve effective control over prices and fraud, to ensure the protection of consumers from fluctuations, and support the basic consumption commodities.

– Encouraging investment and creating an attractive environment for Southern financial capitals residing abroad and foreigners, and removing constraints and challenges to investment.

– Allowing and encouraging the private sector to play a positive and active role in the implementation of investment and service projects with a view to reviving and developing the national economy and reducing poverty and unemployment among the youth.

– Encourage the establishment of non-politicized local civil society organizations and facilitate their work in meeting the needs of the community.

– To contribute effectively in addressing economic and social problems, promoting social peace and coexistence, preserving rights, preserving lives, and spreading love.

– We pledge to secure and protect the headquarters and staff of international humanitarian and human rights organizations, diplomatic missions, and the interests of foreign countries and companies located on the territory of the South, and secure their movement in all Southern territories.

– Coordinate with donors to provide humanitarian and relief needs, development projects and reconstruction, improve coordination and communication, and partnership with regional and international humanitarian and human rights organizations.

– The people of the South are part of their Arab surroundings and will continue to be a focal point in preserving Arab national security and thwarting expansionist projects and plans aimed at threatening the security of the Gulf and the Arab world.

– Standing fully with the Arab coalition, and continue to resist Houthi and Iranian expansion in the region.

– Commitment to dialogue as an ideal means of resolving political disputes, settling international disputes, and willingness to participate in any dialogue sponsored by the Arab Alliance, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United Nations or the Arab League.

– Our battle with terrorism is an open one, which requires the support of the regional and international community for our forces, and the strengthening of the capabilities of the security and anti-terrorism services to eradicate it from all Southern territories.

– support the northern national resistance against Houthi militias and Iranian expansion, with our categorical rejection of any northern military presence on the territory of the South; as its natural place is to confront the Houthi invasion.

– Ensure the freedom of work and movement of the northern brothers in the capital Aden and all Southern governorates, with the need to commit to carry identification documents and complete the necessary security measures, in order to protect them and maintain public security.

Mercy to the righteous Southern martyrs

And the speedy recovery of the wounded

And freedom for prisoners in Houthi militia prisons.

Issued by the Southern Transitional Council

August 15, 2019




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