How we work

The branch of the STC in the European Union is available for dialogue on political questions regarding the southern cause, and all topics concerning South Yemen (political, economic, social, cultural). The office represents the claims of South Yemenis for a free and independent state and seeks engagement with all organizations and institutions in Europe which want to enable the citizens of war-torn South Yemen to live with dignity.

We will be pleased to share in lectures, panel discussions, personal conversations, and other formats, our ideas on solving the southern cause, as well as on future relations with North Yemen and the entire region in the Gulf of Aden, after the independence of South Yemen. Furthermore, we would like to discuss our ideas about the political form of the independent state for which we strive, and our significant role in fighting terrorism and religious extremism in the region of the Gulf of Aden. Personal conversations can be requested through info[at] We can also establish direct contact with the STC in Aden. Our office is charged with the long-term building of institutional structures in South Yemen and abroad which support the independence of the country.

Moreover, the Berlin office organizes public lectures and panel discussions in German, English and Arabic to inform the interested public about the political, economic, social and humanitarian situation in South Yemen. The office supports and maintains exchange with South Yemenis in the European Union and organizes regular meetings of the diaspora. For more information about our events, contact or see news.