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Premiere of the movie “10 days before the wedding”

At the end of August 2018, Aden celebrated the premiere of the feature film “10 days before the wedding”. The film celebrates a premiere in two ways, because it is the first film entirely produced and made in Yemen. The more than 40 actors, of whom 11 are actresses, come from the South Yemeni city of Aden. Director Amr Gamal says, “The film is the first film available to a broad public in Yemen; thereby, representing a unique event in Yemen’s cultural history.”

The film tells the love story of a young couple in Aden before the outbreak of war in 2015. In a rousing manner, the plot shows how the young people’s lives have changed dramatically after the war. Film critics see in the film a quantum leap for the Yemeni drama.

In an interview, Ali bin Amr, director of the film’s media campaign, said, “the team made great efforts to produce the film in spite of all the obstacles.” He said that the cinemas in Aden were destroyed during the war; thus, event halls were used to show the film to the public. The film was screened eight times in the Adeni districts al-Muallah and Sheikh Uthman. Citizens of the city and surrounding areas visited numerously the screenings. Film screenings are also planned abroad.


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