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[GENEVA – 28 FEBRUARY 2019] A delegation of the Southern Transitional Council concluded a visit to Geneva today in the margins of the 40th Session of the UN Human Rights Council and High-Level Pledging Event for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen. The STC delegation included Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed, STC European Representative, National Assembly member Dr Afendi Almarqchi, and Geneva Representative Abdul Rahman Al-Musaibili, and held meetings with key Member States, UN Agencies, and NGOs. Commenting on the visit, Bin Fareed said:

‘The generous commitments made by Member States towards the humanitarian response plan this week are significant and welcome, but this is no time to become complacent. It is critical that all these commitments actually reach the people in need on the ground. Corruption and aid diversion continue to undermine humanitarian operations, condemning Yemenis to immeasurable suffering. It is important that the UN and its partners do their utmost to prevent the war economy from robbing Yemenis of much-needed relief. We further echo UN calls for countries to follow through on their commitments and give more to ensure the humanitarian effort is sustained and strengthened, in particular on earmarking greater funds from the UN appeal for medical assistance where the situation is dire on the ground.

‘We must be clear that tackling Yemen’s humanitarian crisis necessitates addressing the root causes driving the crisis. These are political and man-made. We know that a political solution, achieved through a comprehensive and inclusive process, is the only way to end the crisis. We heard many positive commitments from our international partners throughout our visit to securing a sustainable solution that puts a real end to the conflict, and we welcome their recognition that a solution for South Yemen is a key and indispensable element of that solution. We look to building on these engagements and urge our partners to prioritize the South issue and to lead a push for concrete progress for the Southern people. 

‘The STC stands ready to play our part in the political process as we champion an urgent solution for the South, including Southerners’ aspirations to determine their own future. We see first-hand the ever-worsening situation in the South, as well as the daily risks to stability in the South and, by extension, across Yemen, the longer we are made to wait for a resolution to our people’s grievances. This is why we are working with other Southerners and UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths to realise our thinking on all matters concerning South Yemen within a credible negotiated solution. Our people expect and deserve nothing less.’

Ahmed Omar Bin Fareed

EU Representative

Southern Transitional Council

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