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[LONDON – 4 MARCH 2019] As UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt concludes his visit to the region, including to Yemen, President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) leads a high-level delegation of the STC to London for meetings across Westminster with Parliamentarians, NGOs,  including engaging with members of the South Yemeni diaspora. Commenting ahead of the visit, President Al-Zubaidi said:

“We commend the United Kingdom’s leadership of diplomatic efforts to end the Yemeni crisis through the UN-led political process. Mr Hunt’s visit to Yemen and Aden yesterday is further proof of the UK’s strong commitment to a solution for the Yemeni people. We are in London this week to ensure that the window of opportunity presented by these diplomatic efforts is not in vain. We are indeed at a critical juncture in the crisis: a fragile ceasefire on the ground, and slow movement on the political track. Still our commitment to a political solution is unwavering. We are clear that only a political process, inclusive of all legitimate voices on the ground will secure the sustainable solution we seek.

At the forefront of our discussions is the need for a redoubling of efforts to make progress on all key issues concerning the political solution – chiefly the South issue. Sustaining a ceasefire remains important, but parallel progress on other issues is equally urgent and a priority for the political process. The STC has engaged extensively with our constituency to develop concrete thinking on governance and security arrangements in the South to guarantee their protection from additional marginalisation and secure the future for which they aspire. We look to productive consultations in the UK this week to articulate our thinking as part of our responsibility to deliver the will of the people in South Yemen. 

Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi 


Southern Transitional Council

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