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[NEW YORK – 31 January 2020] The Southern Transitional Council (STC) welcomes the statement issued by the President of the UN Security Council on 30 January in response to the renewed escalation in parts of Yemen. The STC further commends the Security Council’s full public support and commitment to enabling the Riyadh Agreement to bring security and a sustainable solution to South Yemen.

Since the signing of the Riyadh Agreement, the STC has engaged constructively with the Yemeni government, and worked closely with our allies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, culminating in agreement on phase two of the implementation process on 9 January, as noted by the Security Council. This is a demonstration of the STC’s continued and genuine commitment to a political solution for the South issue and Yemeni crisis through UN-led efforts.

The significant escalation unfolding in Nehm, Al Jawf, and Ma’rib is an unfortunate yet important reminder of the need for renewed political will behind a fully inclusive and credible political process under UN auspices. This, as the Riyadh Agreement has affirmed, includes a seat at the negotiation table for the STC to safeguard the interests of the South. We appreciate the challenge of resuming talks when cycles of violence such as this occur, but we urge our international partners to seize the momentum built over the last several months, including through the Riyadh Agreement, to serve as a stepping-stone to a UN-led political solution. In addition to supporting UN Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths’ efforts, we know that this requires leverage on the parties to prioritize a political solution over a military strategy.

After five years of conflict, it is critical that people across Yemen are spared further death and displacement. We in the STC are doing our part to ensure the population in the South is protected and receives the humanitarian assistance it requires. We are likewise ready with policy solutions to contribute in any future UN talks in order to reach a sustainable outcome for our people and the South. This includes addressing political and security issues in the South, ensuring a South free of terrorism, participation of women, youth and civil society in our decision-making and public life, and allowing our people a vision for a future stable and secure South Yemen.

Abdulsalam Mused Chairman

STC Directorate General for Foreign Affairs – USA

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