[Den Hague – 22 AUGUST 2019] Today the South Yemen diaspora community in the Netherlands came together and convened outside the Dutch parliament. The community came out to stress the importance of the Southern cause, and the Southern Transitional Council’s key role in responding to recent developments in Aden where the STC assumed governance of the city. Speaking from the event, the STC’s EU Representative Ahmed Omar bin Fareed said:

“We are proud of the community in the Netherlands getting together today and speaking with one voice in support of South Yemen’s quest for independence. We have all been following recent events in Aden closely and welcome the return of stability and normality in Aden. As with the ‘million people march’ in Aden on 15 August, which saw hundreds of thousands of civilians from across South Yemen take to the streets, the legitimate demands of the South can no longer be ignored.

“The 15 August march in Aden and now today’s gathering of the diaspora in the Netherlands are a timely reminder of the power of the people and their unyielding voice. We appreciate your support and words of admiration. It is the people’s demands and cause that give the STC our mandate; we are only answerable to our people. This is what drives the STC as we seek to work with the international community to address the marginalisation of the South since the brutal occupation by the North since 1994, to put forward credible policy options for the STC’s inclusion in the UN-led political process. Allowing Southerners a process to determine their future is what stands the best chance of not only ensuring long term stability in the South, but the opportunity to bring to end the brutal Yemen conflict.

“Of course more work needs to be done on the ground to ease the suffering of our people. As the STC announced, our focus is now on governing Aden, ensuring the return of basic services, and to root out the threat of ISIS and other extremist groups from the city, which continue to terrorise the local population. In parallel we are working across the governorates in the South to bring about security and stability for all Southerners. As the legitimate representatives of the South, the STC has a duty to our people to intensify our plans for credible governance on ground, working closely with the local security forces to ensure stability and de-escalation, in addition to engaging with our international allies to urgently reshape the political track to give the Southern people the voice they want and deserve to determine their own future.”

Ahmed Omar bin Fareed

EU Representative

Southern Transitional Council

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