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First Annual Meeting of the Southern Transitional Council in 2019

According to the motto “To improve the work of the Southern Transitional Council, to strengthen its institutional structures and to increase its domestic presence”, STC President Aydarus al-Zubaydi opened the first annual meeting of the Southern Transitional Council on January 22, 2019. The Council’s Presidency Council, STC leaders from the governorates, the directors of the various departments and of the committees of the National Assembly attended the meeting.

The attendees discussed the STC’s annual report of 2018. The participants emphasized the importance of annual reports as a decision-making tool for policy-making. President al-Zubaydi wants to begin the new year with new plans and programs. He pointed out that the Council strongly represented the southern cause abroad and highlighted the work of the Council’s foreign representation offices. He also reported on the results of meetings with international diplomats and organizations. By meeting Martin Griffith, the UN special envoy for Yemen, al-Zubaydi could convince him that a solution to the war in Yemen can only be found if the southern cause will be resolved. Furthermore, a training project for young people in South Yemen was announced.

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