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Press Statement by the STC Department of Foreign Relations

[11 July 2019] The Department of Foreign Relations of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) expresses regret over the report published by Reporters without Borders on 5 July 2019 about the attack on the Yemeni news agency Saba in Aden. According to the report, a group of armed men vandalized the news agency office and threatened employees. The report further states that the attack was claimed by the STC. The STC already rejected this accusation on 5 July 2019 on its official website. The STC stands firmly against any targeting or censorship of press agencies and journalists.

The STC is clear about its commitment to the protection of human rights and freedoms across South Yemen, particularly for media personnel who play a critical role in reporting on the realities on the ground. Amid an evolving conflict, the STC is doubly diligent in demonstrating this commitment with action through the active work of our human rights department in various Southern governorates. Our commitment to our people and Southerners’ aspirations for a democratic future remains unwavering.

Official Statement

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